Technology Transfer – FIFA TMS

Acknowledgement: This article has been adapted from a paper I submitted for a post-graduate course titled Managing Technological Innovation. During my research I had the privilege of interviewing Mark Goddard, former FIFA TMS General Manager. The paper was also reviewed by FIFA TMS management for information accuracy. 

In my previous article we looked at how the FIFA Transfer Matching System qualifies as an technological innovation. This article goes further to look at a key aspect on managing technological innovation: technology transferWe also peer briefly into FIFA TMS  Gmbh business model and strategy. Continue reading “Technology Transfer – FIFA TMS”

Managing Technological Innovation – FIFA TMS

Acknowledgement: This article has been adapted from a paper I submitted for a post-graduate course titled Managing Technological Innovation. During my research I had the privilege of interviewing Mark Goddard, former FIFA TMS General Manager. The paper was also reviewed by FIFA TMS management for information accuracy. I take this opportunity to thank you all for your support.

The FIFA1 Transfer Matching System (TMS) is an online platform for FIFA’s Member Associations and clubs to record international player transfers between clubs. In the FIFA Regulation on the Status and Transfer of Players (2012), it is described as a “web-based data information system with the primary objective of simplifying the process of international player transfers as well as improving the flow of information.” In professional football, a transfer is the action taken whenever a player moves from one football club to another. Continue reading “Managing Technological Innovation – FIFA TMS”

Football: Against Discrimination and Racism

Note: This article was originally done in Spanish by Juan Ignacio Orúe, an Argentinian journalist accredited to the United Nations, Geneva. I currently serve as the Secretary of the United Nations Football Club (FC ONU).

The first edition of the International Seniors Football Tournament against Racisim and Discrimination was held on Saturday, 2 July 2016 at the Colovray Sports Center in Nyon, Switzerland. Held in an atmosphere of camaraderie, fellowship and friendship the tournament brought together 4 teams, namely: United National Football Club (FC ONU) from Geneva, Stade Nyonnais from Nyon, UEFA and SD Eibar from Spain. Continue reading “Football: Against Discrimination and Racism”

Euro 2016

It does not surprise me that the excitement surrounding Euro 2016 died down barely 12 hours after a rather dull final, despite the dramatic win for the Portuguese. Congratulations Portugal for a well deserved win, you indeed played as a team probably owing to the Madrista’s early exit.  Also a great goal from the most unlikely hero Éderzito António Macedo Lopes, or simply Eder, to cap a rather long and largely flat tournament. It was rather interesting to learn that Eder was transformed from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan by his wonder strike. Continue reading “Euro 2016”

Tribute to Mathé

Since you left a lot has changed but for some strange reason I feel it will not surprise you when I get to tell you my story. But before that time comes I will tell those who know me because you defined who I am today. One of my readers recently told me you would be proud of me if I continue to dedicate some time to what I like. And you sure knew that I loved football

Continue reading “Tribute to Mathé”

Operations, technology and stakeholder value – UEFA

Note: This article has been adopted from an assignment I submitted for a post-graduate course. It is my own analysis based on information I could access and has not been endorsed by any of the mentioned organisations.


UEFA – the Union of European Football Associations – is the governing body of European football. It is an association of associations, a representative democracy, and is the umbrella organisation of 54 national football associations across Europe. UEFA is a unique organisation because it is listed as a not-for-profit, but at the same time it is focused on maximising revenue. Continue reading “Operations, technology and stakeholder value – UEFA”

Developing for the local market

The transfer window in Europe is proving to be quite interesting, generating a measure of excitement almost equal to that experienced in the course of the season. Manchester United looking like champions already, Raheem Sterling makes a ridiculously expensive move from Liverpool to Manchester City, Mourinho must be wondering why they are all playing so hard to catch up, while my dear Wenger is seated in the corner somewhere counting his coins making sure he did not drop any on his way from Singapore. Barcelona do not really care about FIFA’s transfer ban while Real Madrid have lost Iker, one of the few remaining madridistas. Back in my country Kenya the mid-season transfer was even more exciting. Looks like my beloved AFC Leopards replaced a whole team after a massive exodus due to financial woes. Players criss-crossing the country and continent in search of greener terrain with mixed fortunes. Continue reading “Developing for the local market”

Saving the Leopard

It is disappointing not to live your dream, but extremely saddening to see those living your dream in dire straits. Well today I can reveal one of my secrets, the dream I will never live. I grew up very close to the Nyayo National Stadium and one of my earliest childhood memories is that of the Isikuti beat. Apparently when the white man first heard the beat he exclaimed, “It’s good!” and Isikuti was born. Well my early memories of the sound of the Isikuti drum were from famed AFC Leopard’s supporters making there way through Madaraka Estate to the Nyayo National Stadium. Often times we would join the procession with my band of friends to go and watch the mighty Ingwe (leopard). Continue reading “Saving the Leopard”

Stakeholder Capitalism

In the wake of Zurich arrests and subsequent resignation of newly elected FIFA president Sepp Blatter, a lot of questions have been raised about the running of the world’s greatest game. At the end of World Cup 2014 in Brazil there was a lot of debate about FIFA’s choice for the Golden Ball Award, Lionel Messi. A lot of people felt, and rightly so, that Thomas Müller or Arjen Robben deserved the award more than Messi. While discussing this issue in one of my Whatsapp groups, I came up with an analogy that describes football for what it really is – a business, with owners, products and customers. Continue reading “Stakeholder Capitalism”